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Professors and Students Protest Low Wages (0)

Members of the UCSD community rallied in solidarity with the Nationwide Adjunct Walkout and Day of Action in front of Geisel Library on Feb 25. The rally participants protested for higher pay and better job security for the increasing number of adjuncts — temporary, part-time professors — at colleges.


UC outsourcing is bad for workers and campuses’ bottom line (Comments Off)

When we hear about exploited workers, we often think of people working in other countries for pennies a day, in sweatshop conditions.

Closer to home, we often think of private companies such as McDonald’s and Wal-Mart racing to shift as many of their labor costs onto the backs of taxpayers as possible – forcing full-time employees to work three jobs and rely on government assistance just to get by, while blocking an increase to the federal minimum wage in Congress.

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